Why to Visit Tatras from the Treetops?
Top Place in High Tatras, Slovakia. Great for taking pictures or a video footage.
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Treetop walk in Bachledova Dolina in the High Tatras is a great experience for anyone who is eager to experience Slovakia differently.

So what the hell is a treetop walk?

I did not know either until I have seen one. It’s basically a 603-meter long trail that takes you through the forest. Well, it will take you above the forest. There is a great article about 10 top treetop walkways around the world, so you might as well check that. However, this one is truly amazing because it ends with a 32-meter high observation tower that has a spiral slide. I did not try it because it was closed. In the middle of the observation tower, there is an adrenaline net so you can jump right into it and start panicking. Or you don’t have to. Anyway, the net is a great place for anyone with an anxiety. LOL. This is only one out of many great places in the High Tatras, Slovakia, so stay tuned for some more.

The price of the tickets is 8 euros for an adult and 6,5 euros for a kid. Opening hours are somewhere between 9 am to 4 pm.

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