Hi, my name is Klaudia Malenovska and I define & build brands based on my passion for Psychology. If you are asking yourself how dare I, then let me explain how I got encountered with such a subject.

In 2013 I got myself a degree from Marketing at CSULB, Long Beach, California. Yeah, that’s right, exactly where Snoop Doggy Dizzle was born and raised, among many other rappers. However, I wasn’t there to fulfill my rapping career (not yet) but to play tennis as a student-athlete. Generally speaking, most athletes tend to agree that a big part of sports is mental. Throughout the years I got to work with many mental coaches and psychologists since every athlete should work on his or her mind but none of them really helped me or helped me feel better. So I knew I had to do it on my own and finally in 2018 I went through ICF training to become a coach. Did I miss something? Well, I was always a self-proclaimed branding junkie and in 2016 I finished my Master’s degree in Digital Business and Marketing in Amsterdam. To underline my passion for branding I made my thesis about how brand-related user-generated content varied on Instagram. So here I am, trying to combine two of the best crafts in the world.

So what connects marketing and coaching you might ask?

If a brand is a subjective perception of a product or a service that exists in the minds of those who encounter the brand, then an understanding of the human mind is crucial to the work of brand strategist, brand managers, designers, and all who engage in branding initiatives. No, this is not some sort of nonsense gibberbobbles that I came up with. Understanding human thinking, their desires, motivations, fears, values, missions, and other “mind-bending” scientific concepts are necessary to build, rebuild and/or create a brand that will do exactly what you want it to do.

How do I do it?

Understanding the motivations, values and all above-mentioned concepts alone does not get the job done. All findings need to be snatched and shoved it into a jar. Then I shake it like its Whiskey Sour and voila your brand is defined. Not really. First things first. First, we meet, we talk either face-to-face or via Skype if you wish and we clarify your case. Is your brand already out there and is it not performing that well anymore? Or do you have a brand in mind but you just can’t execute? Let’s talk and together we‘ll get you on the right path. After we talk and have decided on specific outcomes I do my work. Mostly alone. I will do a deep analysis of your brand, marketing strategies, customers, competition and compare it with your ideal vision for your business. Not all cases are the same so sometimes I mix it up with surveys, employees interviews, and management meetings. If you are a real truth seeker we could also do a one-day brand identity workshop that is done by — wait for it….ME. The specific journey will be confirmed after I see what must be done.

What could you expect?

Well, well, well. 500 % increase in sales in year one after my job is done and 300 % in year two. Mind-blowing.  Whether you are an e-commerce business or mom-and-pop shop that is just around the corner you must forget EVERYTHING you know about google ads, search campaigns, affiliate partnerships, email marketing, price comparisons websites, or even native banners. At least for a moment. Because if you don’t invest in a psychology-driven brand, nothing will work. Not even hiring a new graphic designer. You will keep spending more time and money and it won’t lead to the results you want. Aaand, of course, you won’t meet the targets.

It’s 2019, brands are everywhere, the word competition does not even mean the same thing it did a couple years ago. If you don’t have a well-defined brand that meets your customer’s needs and desires, it won’t make it. In today’s world, people want more from a brand. They want security, entertainment, care, to feel loved, or to get the power to live the life they dream of. Give it to your customer and they will love you and your brand.

If you have more questions regarding the process of making a great strategy for your brand reach out to me and LET’S DO IT!

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