Here we go. Why would I write about ramen? Well, my question is why wouldn’t I? Nowadays, few things in life make you present in the moment and one of them is food. When good food arrives, you know that for a moment there is you and the food. Nothing else. In this technological chaos when we are connected all the time we must to try to find things that absorb us. Also, I see a strong connection between branding and restaurants. Each place you visit makes an impact on you. So I think that Kreuzberg Ramen place Cocolo is a perfect case for my humble analysis.

This tiny place at Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40 is probably very crowded all the time and reservations are not allowed. Makes perfect sense if you think about it. Let people stand for 20 minutes so they lose their temper and don’t tip us. LOL. They do have two restaurants so you could also try the second location at Gipsstraße 3. So, first, my recommendation is to come before 7 because otherwise, you’ll wait hours for your soup. We came around 7 and we still had to wait for about 20 minutes. So get your ass there early.

Let’s get started with the review though…

Rice tea

What the hell, this tea was great. It is pure and beautiful at the same time. If you ever going to come here, try the rice tea. I have never been to Japan (but I am planning to), but this is how I imagine rice tea in Japan while sitting in my kimono. Definitely good points for this. Also, there is probably not that many places in Berlin where you can get a rice tea.


This is one of my must-order items in any Asian restaurants. I review Asian restaurants by its Edamame, but who I am. This one was great. Crispy, salty, fresh. I liked it, so I would give it a go.

Vegetable Miso Ramen

Now we come to a problematic part. I love miso. I get it every time I get sushi. Its some sort of a ritual for me. However, the combination of ramen and miso together did not play well with me. I don’t doubt that this is how it is done in Japan, but I am sorry I’m not Japanese. It was a bit strong and aromatic for me. I am more into a lighter version of miso and this was a was just too dense for me. I would definitely recommend trying the different versions of ramen if you are not fanatically into miso that much. But that’s just my opinion.

Green tea ice cream

Yes, yes and yes. This matcha ice cream was the second best choice after the rice tea and I cannot say anything bad about this. It was very delightful and it made the perfect ending of our dinner. I was very happy with it and the portion is was great too.

Overall experience was above okay. They do have cool branding around, which you can admire all night. Neon light objects, lights made out of coffee filters, sinks you have never seen. The place looks and feels good so the miso could be a bit stronger then you are used to. The tapestry looks also very authentic and I appreciated it. The service was great but nothing special. The only question that is left is: Would I come the next time again? Not sure guys, not sure 🙂


Food Choice81%
Food Quality92%
77%Overall Score