Bratislava is not New York or Tel Aviv. Bratislava, being the heart of Central Europe makes it a perfect stop while visiting other cities like Budapest which is only 2 hours by car or train. If you would like to head north, then Prague is 4,5 hours away and Viena is 45 minutes away. You could literally visit all fours cities in one day. The question is why would you when instead you can slow down and have a coffee or ice cream in the middle of the beautiful sunny day in Bratislava. If Bratislava is on your bucket list then I recommend visiting the city in late spring – early summer. It’s amazing, you going to love it and there is so much to see. Well so much to see in one day 😀 So let’s pretend you only have one day in Bratislava. Here are some recommendations for you.




You should definitely try to visit these places for breakfast:

All of these places have amazing porridges, english breakfast, toasts, cakes, muffins and much more.

Laurinská ulica

Hviezdoslavovo Námestie


For lunch, I would definitely recommend anything on the promenade of the Eurovea shopping center. The true Bratislavians love to sit and watch. That’s what we do. You should try it too. The best (or the worst) thing about it is that you know almost everyone. HA. Yeah, the city is small, don’t you ever forget that. But it’s amazing to have lunch by the Donau river. I would recommend either Primi or Kolkovna for more traditional Czechoslovakian food.  If you go more into the center, try Gatto Matto restaurant or Gatto Matto bistro. For vegans, I would recommend Made With Laf or Foodoo. If you crave Asian food then I would definitely recommend Soho bistro or the Vietnamese Bamboo restaurant by the KC Dunaj. If you want to grab something quick, try burritos at Ty Somaru, they are funny guys or the burger shop called Minerva. Other great burgers in town are Regal Burger, Roxor Burger, Be About, and that’s probably it.

Enzo vs. Another Dog


We don’t make any differences in our diet for lunch or dinner so all those places I recommended for lunch you would have for dinner as well. Or you could try anything fancy pancy at Hviezdoslavove námestie. But hey you could go to Benihana anytime. For more Slovak food try any Bratislavsky Meštiansky Pivovar or anything that has a word pivovar in it, that word is for the places where beer is brewed. Good stuff. For more, you could go to Koliba Kamzík, or Prašná Bašta.

Art in Bratislava

Street Art?

Coffee places

Ice Cream

Now we are talking. There are two places which I love in Bratislava. Koun and Arthur. Those are the top for me and here is why: The Icecream is fresh, a bit high end, and you immediately feel the summer vibes. Prepare for the long lines tho. It’s amazing how many people usually wait for one ball of salty caramel ice cream. They both use fresh ingredients and they both have vegan or sugar-free options. My favorite flavor is Guava.

Koun Bratislava





Where do I get my cocktails?


Don’t even try 😀 LOL

Summer spots

There are a couple of spots which make sense only in summers, and those are Stará Tržnica, T-com Pláž or any lake sides within the city. Did you know that Bratislava has more than 10 lakes?

So I got you a list of my favorite places now. I hope there is going to be a clubbing scene once. That is really something that has not been solved yet. All my clubbing nights in Bratislava have been at one club only and it’s not that great so I don’t think it belongs to this list. Enjoy and feel free to email me if you have any questions about this city. Bye