Cork's Bar in Malta
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Special, authentic and personal. A brilliant little bar in Sliema. A cool oriental bar. A little gem. A charmingly uncomfortable yet romantic little bar. Those are just a few of the many reviews on TripAdvisor for Cork’s Bar in Balluta Bay.To be honest, when I read all of these reviews at first, I thought “Okay yeah sure, let’s check itout”, but OMG FML WTF this bar is everything.If you ever get a chance to go to Malta then this is it! Even if you don’t drink this is it! It’s unbelievable. Ok let me finally tell you why.


Wonderfully small and quirky bar with an old Jazz music always on point. I remember that there was live Jazz music on Tuesdays as well. This place has two doors open wide into streets with people standing outside. This place does not have AC so instead of feeling uncomfortable, just embrace the “hotness” of this place and enjoy the dewy skin. The vibe is truly magical, it’s a different world. This place takes you directly to 50’s or some sort of smokey old dusty yet glam bar in central America. I visited a lot of bars in my life since I really like boutique crafted cocktails, the art of mixology and just different concepts each bar uses whether that’s interior, design or original glasses. However, it’s not often that I come across a place that is perfect in every way.


The bar is owned by Pete and Yang Yang.They are first of all, the best. Secondly, their relaxed energy will definitely impact you whether you want or not. However, I wanted to give you some educated overview of the place and after some comprehensive research I found out that Pete, and english man, used to run a jazz club in London and met Yang Yang in Shanghaiwhen he went there for work. Therefore the good music in a bar. Every Tuesday a live music adds to an already intimate atmosphere. Pete is just great and you would literally wish for an uncle like that. HAHA


Drinks made by Pete and Yang yang were probably one of the best I have ever tasted and they are crafted with such care and love like nothing I’ve ever seen. One of the legends says that Pete took a year crafting his cocktail list, researching the history and origins of these fantastic classic drinks of the late 1800’s to early/mid 1900’s to bring them to life. Just watching them to prepare the Mai Tai with such care is unbelievably satisfying. But let’s get to drinks finally.

Drinks I tried

We went with group of my friends so we deliberately ordered each a different drink to try as much as possible. These are the drinks that we tried and I honestly can’t tell you which one of them is the best because all of them are amazingly tasty and unique. Try them all.

Opening hours of the Cork’s Bar: Every night from 19:30 until 01:00 at least. 

Pink Lady




White Russian

Club Pegu

Singapore Sling

El Presidente

Mai tai



Old Fashioned