Season 1, Episode 1 :” BoJack hates the troops “

D:First of all this episode did not move me much.  Episode 2 starts with BoJack sitting at the bar, looking genuinely sad. The bartender pours some liquor in his glass until it’s running over.

C:Yes, a classic ‘just say when’-joke.

D:The whole first 10 minutes are just very low-cost I would say. One thing that amused me was that we get introduced to a scenario wherein Princess Caroline actually calls BoJack on his cell phone but puts him on hold. I think that this was nod to overly “ego” driven agents in Hollywood and their imaginary importance. I think that this whole episode is about “egos”. The girls at the bar and BoJack trying to leave but also not leaving. I think that this is the typical “I need attention, even if it is the bad kind” scenario. What do you think? Any insights?

C:What do you mean by low cost, actually? Like, cheap to make? Or like low in story?

D:I mean low cost as in inferior. Inferior jokes, inferior messages, inferior dialogue? It all seems like there was a different director for this one. IDK

C:Oh that is actually interesting! Because my problem with this episode (that I hate it) is actually with the latter part and I wished they had continued with the first ten minutes and just go all the way with it! Because now like you said, they’re trying to make some sort of statement about attention or vapidness or self esteem or something? But it feels so half-assed. When he starts yelling at those girls (and the chicken) I just cringe.

I do really like the chicken laying an egg in fear tho, that shit funny.

But then they end it with ‘…you think I’m pretty?’ and I just cringe again.

D:That is so interesting because as much as I am fan of this masterpiece of a show as a whole I really dislike those anthropomorphised jokes when a chicken starts to lay an egg or a dog starts to bark or you know, when all of a sudden they are animals? It happens often if you pay attention to it. Especially in transition scenes.

C:Yea I almost always notice but I think it is so funny! It adds another layer to the standard background scenes, I think. Alright so, he has sex with the ‘pretty girl’.

D:I mean it might be funny but I just think it’s “Disney” funny. But this might just  be me. Anyway, yes he has sex and the scene comes to an end (classic ‘millennials are always on their phones’ joke)  and his apartment is full of people. What did you think of that Toaster Strudel joke? I think that sometimes they focus too much on one thing. But also maybe i’m just so disappointed by the episode that I’m just hatin on it all? 🙂

C:Oh I did not mind the Toaster Strudel joke, but I HATE the stupid voicemail joke. Which, now that you mention it, is also an example of focusing on one joke too much. I’m also not sure if we’re hating but man…

D:And here is the interesting point! What if watching BoJack Horseman is like being in a relationship? First you are all excited, you love everything and anything about it and then you start to realize its weaknesses? I just hope not but that’s how I feel now.

C:Well no. Because I was never under the impression that this was a good episode. Like I said last time the first 5 have always been the weakest for me so in that sense I was perfectly aware of its weaknesses. I found the first Good Joke in this ep tho: ‘’ It is called Peanutbutter and Jelly!’’ ‘’Who is the Jelly?’’ ‘’What?’’. That whole runner is funny to me.

D:I agree, that was indeed a very atypical joke. What I liked was the scene in the grocery store between the two female dogs. This really reminded me what I disliked about Southern California. Some of the dialogue wasn’t meant to have any purpose and I could not understand that. But I think that meaningless dialogue overall is irritating. This really pinpointed the issue and it was so authentic. I cannot remember how many conversations like that I heard over there.

C:Oh god I heard some conversation like that on the radio in the car today and I turned it off. It makes my skin crawl. However. After we get those annoying dogs. We get Neal Mcbeal the Navy Seal. Talk about making my fucking skin crawl.

D:Hahaha, I actually like the name. Neal McBeal the Navy Seal.

C:Nono. His name is Good Joke number 2, don’t get me wrong. But HIM! I hate everything about his stupid entitled seal ass.

D:Haha, but what about “You think that because you’re a pseudo-celebrity, normal rules don’t apply to you? “

C:What about it? I think he is right, but BoJack is also not wrong? He did NOT have dibs, and then tried (and succeeded) to make it a national issue because he happened to be a veteran. He is the biggest hypocrite, accusing BoJack of what he himself was doing and I think that was the point

D:Hmmm…Interesting. So was the point to emphasize the hypocrisy of that whole veteran-celebrity fight?

C: I don’t know… I like that the show gave BoJack a voice and an opinion that might be controversial but is not necessarily wrong. Not about the dibs, but what it escalated to which is that BoJack supposedly hates the troops. He does not, but he also does not put them on a pedestal and think all of them are heroes just because they served. His point that most people are jackasses and giving them a right to shoot does not make them heroes is very true. Just look at the goddamn cop situation in the US right now. And also maybe they tried to make a statement on  society’s current fixation with being overly political correct when reacting to a joke or a situation.

D:I agree, did not think of it like this. You are so smart again. LOL

C:I try. So then this whole thing escalates and BoJack screams into the phone. And we get this gem, which is basically what the whole story has been leading up to: ‘’BoJack Stealing A Meal From Neal McBeal The Navy Seal’’’. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Good Joke #3.

D:Did you just exchange the word ‘muffin’ for ‘meal’ so it rhymes with Neal McBeal the Navy Seal?

C:No! That is what the news reporter guy said! It is so perfectly set up and I didn’t even see it coming. Trust me I am not capable of that kind of greatness, so I definitely did not make it up.

D: Haha completely missed that one, but I love the newsreporter!!!!!

C:I love his beef with Randy that continues throughout the series. ‘’Who came up with this?! Was it you, Randy?!’’ Btw, I HATE every scene with BoJacks parents. They break my fucking heart and I know they are supposed to but I also feel like they are supposed to be funny and they are just not.  It is cruel.

D:Yes indeed, but that’s what makes the show a sadcom Chrissy.

C:No listen this show does sad really well, it slaps me right in the face and I have to recover emotionally all the time. This though? This just rubs me the wrong way. It’s kind of like when Monica’s parents are mean to her on Friends. Excuse me folks, that is also not funny.

D:But I think they have done a great job at emphasizing the fact that BoJack is messed up mainly because of his parents. Ok let’s move to “I don’t care who was right about the muffins anymore, even though I was definitely right. I just want my privacy back, so I can finish writing my tell-all memoir, so everyone will pay attention to me again.” I also think that anyone whose intentions are writing a memoir just wants attention. Unless it’s Steve Jobs or Einstein. I mean I don’t want to read a memoir about some  C-list celebrities. Do you? Do they? I feel like the purpose of memoir is a “last chance” or a “reminder”.

C:It is of course a last chance, a hail Mary to make a quick buck before the relevancy is gone. It is sort of pathetic. But hey, who am I to judge. Alright so then BoJack and Neal McBeal try to make up on Mr. Peanutbutter’s reality show with stale hamburger buns. And BoJack has to admit all veterans are heroes. Sigh.

D:So then he does and it’s all done. I think we are done. I really hope I don’t have to watch this episode ever again. I also get a lot of comments from other people like “Hey I tried to watch two or three episodes of BoJack but IDK man” and it comes back to the 5 episode rule.

I completely agree. So dear readers and future audience of BoJack, don’t let one episode to distract you from your journey.

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