How To Find Your New Passion After Sport?

How To Find Your New Passion After Sport? What a question right? Some of you might have already asked this terrifying question and some of you are not there yet. It is not an easy task and the answer might not come effortlessly. So what are the steps to find your new passion? What can you do to get back the feeling of purpose and excitement and mostly the feeling of winning?

Why We Should Get Rational or The Application of Rolf Dobelli

We all have to make hundred of decisions every day, some are trivial, some are not. For instance, picking out an outfit on a Monday morning is a frivolous decision that can prove to be a struggle at times. But some decisions might be life changing, like whether you should continue with your career or not. What if someone was given an opportunity to do something completely different? Also what about regrets?

Parents In Sports

This subject, how psycho-sports parents are ruining kids’ lives has been covered by many journals and columns. And it has not changed a bit, it have actually gotten worse. The reality is that sports are getting more competitive and drives huge amount of money.

How To Ask A Former Athlete On A Date?

While this article might not be specifically for “us” but mostly for “them” and by “them” I mean non-athletes or those who did not play any kind of sport for a living except recreationally. I wanted to emphasiz...